Day 24 – X: Xerox’s Problem Solving Process

During my journey in Knowledge Management, I have come across many tools and techniques. And one of the techniques (more of a process) that instantly drew out a ‘wow’ when I first read it was Xerox’s Problem-Solving Process. Since then I have attempted to apply it in my work with necessary improvisations to make it contextual. The process has had such an impact on me that I use it for solving my personal problems too:)

The process was introduced in 1983 and over the years it has become institutionalised within Xerox. It became so popular that after a point of time it became synonymous with decision making. There are six stages in the process and the diagram below explains the steps and the associated activities that need to be undertaken.

Xerox’s Problem-Solving Process
Xerox_Problem Solving
Source: Building a Learning Organization by David A. Garvin

Two more days and two more posts to complete the AtoZ Blog Challenge! Thank you everyone who took time out from their busy schedules to visit my posts. It is sincerely appreciated.

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