Day 22 – V: Vision

Here are some of the Knowledge Management vision statements that I have come across over the years.

We know what we know, learn what we need to learn, and use knowledge for sustained competitive advantage (Internal KM vision).

The vision of WHO KM is of global health equity through better knowledge management and sharing.

Saudi Aramco
Knowing what we know, and knowing what we need to know.

A Municipality in South Africa
eThekwini is a learning organization that promotes sustainable innovative ideas to support a caring livable city.

Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN)
ACCCRN partners will collaborate to build a recognisably credible knowledge base of practical and actionable know-how to meet key climate change urban resilience challenges that will ultimately improve the lives of poor and vulnerable people.

To create a world class knowledge-sharing culture and environment that contributes to Accenture’s success.

To be an organisation where every action is fully enabled by the power of knowledge.

Aspen Tech
All employees will have access to the information, knowledge, and processes they need to achieve their individual objectives and help AspenTech meet its strategic goals.



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