Day 7 – G: Governance

Governance is a key constituent of the Knowledge Management framework. Governance can be broken down into three elements:

• Clarity on expectations from the Knowledge Management programme. This entails clear guidelines on how knowledge would be used in an organisation; accountabilities of ownership mapped to various knowledge areas and policies and standards that would need to be adhered to
• The second and corresponding element pertains to monitoring of the programme. This would translate into setting up metrics that would measure the level of application of the knowledge sharing initiatives. A key task here would be to use the inputs from metrics to recognise contributors and knowledge sharing behaviours
• The third and final element relates to the supporting characters. Empirical evidence suggests that Knowledge Management programmes flourish when they have dedicated resources to anchor the programmes. A key mandate of the team should be to anticipate knowledge needs and requirements and respond to them as they evolve

If this topic is of interest to you, you may want to read more about it here. Please scroll down and refer the Governance Guidelines which captures the essence of Governance in the context of Knowledge Management beautifully.


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