Day 4 – D: Documenting Learning

In today’s Knowledge organisations, there is a growing emphasis on improvements, or to be more specific, continuous improvements. Now, improvement could be interpreted as a learning endeavour i.e. a process through which we evaluate the changes that we bring in and ascertain what worked and what didn’t. To make the process robust, it is important that the outcome of the evaluation is recorded for future reference.

So the question is ‘what do we document?’ In this case, it would be prudent to record:
• what was attempted i.e. the change that was targeted
• what was the outcome (success / failure)
• the reasons for the outcome
• how do we replicate what went well
• how do we avoid what didn’t go so well

There are a couple of techniques / tools which KM offers to facilitate your documentation efforts. They are:

After Action Review – rated as ‘one of the most successful organizational learning methods yet devised’. Please click here to read more.

Lessons Management System – a refined version of the ‘Lessons Learned’ databases which was a rage till recently. However, of late there is a realisation that lessons learned databases can often turn into passive repositories which more often than not fail to offer the context to the reader. The Lessons Management System on the contrary is more robust. Each lesson could be linked to an activity and could be associated with a single project or multiple ones. Please click here to know more.

The topic for tomorrow’s post is Experimentation.


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