Day 1 – A: Alignment

Good morning! This is my first post for the ‘Blogging from A-Z April Challenge’. My theme: you guessed it right! I know it is obvious but this is probably the only theme on which I could write 26 posts over the next 5 weeks, considering that I have struggled to write more than once in a month.

Well, to cut it short, I propose to write posts around Knowledge Management (KM) to express my gratitude to a discipline that has provided me bread and butter for the last decade or so.

I would start off with ‘Alignment’. The secret sauce to the success of KM initiatives in an organisation is not technology nor is it change management or for that matter processes. Those are critical enablers but the ingredient which needs to be mixed in right proportions when a KM exercise is still in the planning phase is ‘alignment of the initiative with the strategy of the organisation’.
And at this stage it is critical to answer a few questions:
• Why do you want to spend time, resource and money on a KM initiative?
• Is it for solving a problem that is business critical?
• Are you ready to be patient, persevere for the initiative to flourish? It might take a few years 
• Can you visualise what success will look like?

A few months back, I came across an excellent APQC article entitled ‘Developing a Knowledge Strategy That Senior Leaders Can Get Behind’. The article listed four questions which could be added to the list above. The questions are:
• Does the current available knowledge allow us to compete in the near term?
• What knowledge will we need to innovate and meet longer-term customer needs?
• What market differentiator(s) can be improved if knowledge and expertise are better shared and transferred?
• Are there current and pending challenges or issues that are knowledge-related?

In my humble opinion, if time is spent on a bit of introspection around this laundry list of questions rather than on the technology that will solve all the problems, the chances of success for a KM initiative increases exponentially.

The topic for tomorrow’s post is Baton Passing technique.

Have a great day! Feedback as always would be most welcome.


5 thoughts on “Day 1 – A: Alignment

  1. Completely agree with you-Introspection and asking questions are the two most important aspects managing existing knowledge and creating new ones.. But sadly enough in our operations and event driven world these two are considered as luxury rather than a necessity.


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