A-Z Blog Challenge: Are you Game?

There are two countdowns which I am closely tracking at the moment! The first of course is the FIFA World Cup which is likely to provide some Neymarish moments for fans of the Selecao like me. The second is closer to date! It is the A-Z Blog Challenge, a virtual carnival for bloggers. For a not-so-serious blogger like me who struggle to post more than an article in a month, it sounded like a whole lot of fun when I first read about it. At the same time, I was petrified by the idea that I need to lead a disciplined life for more than a month and would have to squeeze out some time every day to pen down my thoughts regularly! However, I was converted when I read through the 10 reasons why I should join. Click here to know more.

The fun starts on April 1, 2014. The challenge is simple. You need to post something on your blog every day of the week (between Monday – Saturday) on a topic of your choice. Sunday is essentially the pit stop when you pay a visit to the other bloggers’ sites and share your thoughts via comments, hit the like button furiously but more than anything remind yourself that reading is good for your health. You could certainly do it throughout the week if you have time. It would be time well invested. I have discovered some exceptional bloggers already (from the list of people who have enrolled themselves) and have started following them religiously.

It is also a good way to ascertain whether you write anything that is readable! I always had that doubt but ever since I enrolled for the challenge, the visits to my blog have gone up quite radically. I was a firm believer that the total number of visits for my blog would never cross 500 and was prompt in declaring to my friends and family that ‘I write for myself’ and usage hits do not really matter 🙂

Anyway back to the point! More than 1500 bloggers have signed on to the challenge. Time is almost up and if you are game, just click on this link and join! 


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